Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Breaking News - Updates Later!

My friend complains that I don't update this blog often enough.  Umm, did I write "complain?"  That's no way to talk about someone who just bought me lunch to fatten me up before surgery.  I meant that she made the polite suggestion that I provide more timely information to those extremely concerned about my health.

I got nothin'.

It's pretty much eating and exercising until surgery in January. After that I'll have lots of stuff to write about.

Lunch was really good though.  If you go to P.F. Chang's, try their Banana Spring Rolls - slices of banana wrapped in pastry and fried, then served with coconut-pineapple ice cream.

Grazie amica!


  1. Wow, that sounds good. I'll pick you up Friday.

    You buyin'?

  2. Not to complain, but this is too cruel. First I read about JoeDoc exercising and dieting to lose weight. Now I read about you excercising and dieting to gain wait. This is tough on a girl whose Christening gown was a size 12. Can we go back to bad puns and obscure music references?

  3. Here's a new game. Everytime I post I have to type in the random letters. The last post was "caviatid" When I posted on Joe's a few minutes ago it was "alvocia." Now we all know that a "caviatid is an appetizer of fish eggs that makes you feel good about yourself, but what on earth is an "alvocia?"

  4. alvocia the the only appropriate wine to serve with caviatid

  5. I tried getting to the emails you guys sent me for my SI "gift" list, but I've not been able to access that server for a couple of days. Thus, I couldn't include them. Ugh!