I-270, Exit 1 is my nom de blog.  I live in Montgomery County, MD with Mrs. 270 and two little 270s.  As a fan of the US National Teams, DC United, and the Washington Freedom, I've wanted to write a soccer blog for some time.  But truthfully, there are many soccer blogs written by more knowledgeable persons.  I searched for my own niche and found it on July 22, 2009 when I was diagnosed with colorectal cancer. Now, soccer and cancer, there's a unique perspective.

So, like almost every modern cancer patient, I write a blog to keep my family and friends up to date (usually) on my status and to vent about some of the stupid stuff we have to go through.  I also hope to pass along useful information others who have to go through this.

My tumor was a signet ring adenocarcinoma of the rectum.  It was diagnosed in Stage III (T3, N2) and had spread to local lymph nodes.  My treatment consists of neoadjuvant (chemo + radiation) therapy followed by surgery and then more chemo (FOLFOX).  This seems to be the standard of care for Stage III colorectal cancer due to a controlled clinical trial.


July 22, 2009.......... ...Diagnosed with colon cancer
July 29, 2009..............Cancer staged
August 24, 2009..... ...Began neoadjuvant (chemo and radiation) therapy
October 2 ,2009.........Ended neoadjuvant therapy
January 4, 2010:........Surgery
February 16, 2010.....Began 12 rounds of FOLFOX (chemo)
July 23, 2010..............Ended chemotherapy (one year and one day since diagnosis)

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