Thursday, January 28, 2010

More Scans

I had PET and CT scans again - more procedures for which I couldn't eat or drink anything for hours before, except the wonderfully delicious barium "shake."  It doesn't matter how many new flavors they come up with, the thing still tastes, at best, like liquid cardboard and at worst like old, dirty, moldy cardboard with artificial fruit flavor.  I drank about a half-liter last night and another half-liter this morning.  Just when I thought I was finished, they had me drink another cupful before the scan.  The only good thing to say about the PET and CT scans is that I didn't have to prep my chitlins the day before, as with a colonoscopy.  Nevertheless, the scans are something I have to get used to because, once the next chemoregimen is finished, I'll undergo these scans every three or four months initially, with the frequency tapering of to six and then 12 months.  Actually, there is another good thing to say about the CT and PET scans, I didn't have to wear a hospital gown and I kept my clothes on.  I think that was a bonus for the radiology tech too.


  1. I bet that radiology tech will have a smile on his face for a week.

  2. I'm feeling your pain on the barium shake... The last time I had to drink one, the tech was consoling me as I sobbed about it. (That was during one of my "unable to eat" phases.)

    Sorry you don't get to flash your bum to everyone in the hall...