Thursday, February 4, 2010

"If there's anything I can do..."

Many of you have made generous offers of support.  I will now take you up on them.  There is something you can do - take care of yourselves. 

Today, February 4, 2010 is World Cancer Day.  So, for those of you over 40, it's a good day to make an appointment with your doctor to get a mammogram and/or a colonoscopy (guys, just get the colonoscopy).  I know this may not be what the guidelines recommend, but I can't be objective about this.  After all, I became a cancer patient at 43.

Call your doctor and check with your insurance company for coverage.  Don't be a wimpy.  One colonoscopy every five years is not a hard thing to do for your health and your family's peace of mind.  If you're reluctant to do it, just think of what I've been through: two colonoscopys, two CT scans, two PET scans, chemotherapy and radiation, and one surgery in six months.  If I can go through all of that, surely you can get one test.  Look, when you have cancer, people call you "brave" and a "fighter" and all sorts of encouraging labels.  But I really don't want you to join this club. The dues are too high and T-shirts aren't that great - they're one-size-fits-all, they open down the back, and you can't keep them.

And I'm not the only one asking you to do this, Dave Barry is too.


  1. Had a colonoscpy the week I turned 46, all clear. The only inconveniences are not eating the day before, the drinking (the solution) the nighr before, and soending lots of time in the bathroom. I'm prepared to do in in a few years again.

  2. I won't be a wimpy, I-270. I'll get it done. "Feel the pain! Feel the burn! Love the pain! Love the burn!"

  3. You'll be under anesthesia amigo. No pain.

  4. Oh.

    So much for the tough-guy thing.