Monday, July 26, 2010

FOLFOX Round 11: I'm Running Out Of Subtitles

I just realized that I haven't posted anything about Round 11, which was two weeks ago.  There's nothing much to write about it.  I was taken of Emend (one of the anti-emetics).  The protocol is an infusion of Emend on day 1, followed by Emend tablets on days 2 and 3.  However, in about week four, I forgot to take the Emend tablets and, since I wasn't nauseous, I decided to stay off them.  The fewer drugs, the better is my creed - unless we're talking about narcotics.

In treatments 5-10, the nurses have asked if I had my Emend prescription.  I told them each time that I do, but I don't take it.  Finally, in week 11, one of the nurses figured that since I've been breaking protocol for months, she would take me off the d1 Emend infusion.  Fine with me, if that and the associated steroids are eliminated, it cuts an hour off the infusion time.  I really don't want to spend more time than necessary in the infusion room.

No new side effects to add.  I have the same old problems, they just last longer.  I had figured to lose my fine motor skills, but I didn't.  I'm still able to button my shirts, even those ridiculously tiny buttons on the collar,and I was able to build this:
LEGO Droid Trifighter

I haven't tried to tie my shoes lately, because I wear sandals to go out of the house.  It's 100 freakin' degrees out, I'm not wearing tennis shoes or Adidas Sambas, and I'm certainly not wearing these, not matter what Clint Dempsey says.
Yours for the low, low price of $339.99.

Whatever happened to black soccer boots anyway.  These days, the stars are wearing yellow, orange, and lime green ones.  If you're going to wear fancy-schmancy shoes, you'd better score lots of goals.  Hear that, Messrs. Rooney, Ronaldo, and Messi?


  1. Yeah, I remember when black Golas were the be-all, end-all. Now they need to be purple and made of some NASA-create product. And cost more than a car.

    Nice job with the Trifighter... whatever that is. Can't you build a replica of the forthcoming DC United stadium?

    If memory serves, you broke the news to me about one year ago this week. Glad to see you're kickin' butt and taking names. I knew those prayers would help -- even if you didn't. So there!

  2. Stay strong I270.

    Awesome Lego model, this grown man is enthralled with its coolness. This 41-yo also could not get into the Lego exibit at the Building Museum on Sat because of all the little kids in line!

    --DCB23 from SI land

  3. Cool starfighter. I stopped at helicopters, then offered consulting services (trouble shooting) when needed.

    Joe Doc is right. It's been a year since you started to fight this cancer. You have won, and that means more starfighters for your Jedi fighters.

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  6. If I posted twice, my apologies.

    A year? That means you had a birthday recently. Happy Birthday. I know you feel crummy at the moment, but you, Mrs. 270, and the little off-ramps have a lot to celebrate.

  7. On of the many great things about my son is reliving childhood through toys. Each Lego brand building block (yes, I'm a lawyer by training) magazine we get we read through together until it falls apart. Too bad they are so expensive, or I'd have the big Millennium Falcon kit, or the Death Star one that has all the mini-figs and the functioning garbage compactor room. Drool.