Monday, August 16, 2010

Where Do We Go From Here?

These patient-written cancer blogs have two ways of ending  Too often, a sad entry is written by the patient's family member.  Otherwise the writer has moved on, trying to resume a somewhat normal life, and writes less frequently.  Maybe, someday, Mrs. 270 will write that I died celebrating my future grandson's goal in the 2046 World Cup, or future granddaughter's in 2047 (the other grandchildren will be a successful too, however, one must maintain some sense of decorum at the awards ceremonies in Stockholm and Oslo).

The alternative to ending this is to go on with mindless prattle about everyday things.

Today the boys got ready for school on time, without my yelling at them.  After I dropped them off, as I was driving to work, some idiot in a 7-series BMW cut me off. So I flipped him off.  Then he turned in to my office's parking lot.  I didn't know that our director drove a 7-series BMW.

But I'm not sure that I care to do that or that you would care to read it.  Rather than write for the sake of writing, I'll keep you up to date on scans, tests, etc.  So blog entries will decrease (as if they could possibly be fewer).

Before the blog entries get fewer and further between, I would like to thank all of you for your emotional and practical support. It has lifted our spirits to know that you care enough to read this and send us good wishes.


  1. Thank you for sharing your life with us. I sincerely hope I have learned something from your experiences to manage life crises with the humor and grace you have shown. I look forward to few future entries here and more on Goff's blog and BigSoccer. Good luck.

  2. I've never been so happy to see something I've enjoyed reading so much near its end.

    Besides, you were much funnier when you were staring mortality in the face. Now you're just another impatient, agressive Maryland driver with expensive car envy.

    May we hear from you less and less until we hear that magic word: cured!


  3. Just tell the Director you think he's number one in your book -- which, I suppose, is the latest from Christopher Hitchens.

    Your favorite right-wing, Christian, pro-life home-schooling nut job is ecstatic to hear that we'll be enjoying your Soccer Insider quips for many years to come (I don't follow Big Soccer). Of course, this means I have to buy you many more cold adult beverages at soccer matches. But that is a price I am more than happy to pay.

    Thanks for this blog, my friend. It's been a pleasure to read.

  4. I think you should go the route where you still post snarky soccer-related, or music-related, or colonoscopy-related (always amusing) stories, and then at the end do a sort of "Generalissimo Francisco Franco is still dead" kind of tribute to your cancer.

    Here's to your trip to Sweden in 204?. I'll rent the tux.

  5. If I can no longer read your blog, then I'll have to resort to my next favorite late night surfing quest - surfing for ....sales on e-bay.