Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Test Results

I neglected to tell you the results of the aforementioned scan.  Just to keep you in suspense, I'll mention something else first.

My port, the bionic vein, was removed last week because I don't need it anymore.  This was the device through which the chemotherapy was infused.  I call it "bionic," but it didn't give me any superhuman powers, except, maybe, the ability to easily take i.v. drugs: Higher than a bird, higher than a plane, shakier than the San Andreas fault, it's JunkieMan!
I also had a doctor's appointment, the first one in over six weeks.  I haven't gone that long without an appointment in a year.  He went over the results of my recent CT scan and blood tests.
Here's where I delay again, to build more suspense.  The U9 soccer team is doing well through three games.  We're 2-0-1 (14 GF, 7 GA).  That's 7 points, and if we were in the World Cup, we would have won our group and moved to the round of 16.
Where was I?  Oh yeah, test results.

CT scan?  Clear
CEA levels? Normal
El Oncologistador hasn't made an official proclamation or given me a certificate or anything, but I'll go ahead and say it:
Re-Mission Accomplished


  1. Sounds pretty darn good. Congrats! Wow, 7 Points, and no losses yet!

    Oh, the test results sound good too. Almost forgot to mention that.


    Sheboygan Dan

  2. Thank the paternalistic myth figure. That's great news!

  3. Keep living strong 270. You are an inspiration. Hopefully one of these days soon we can share a beer, a brat, and a story or two in a certain parking lot outside of a particular soccer stadium in the district and toast moving onward and upward!
    Much Aloha and Cheers!
    Keep up the great coaching as well hoss!