Friday, October 9, 2009

Here [He] Comes Again

OK. This is the first blog entry in about 3 weeks. If you're expecting a lot of news, then you'll be disappointed. In the last three weeks, the effects of chemo and radiation have really caught up to me. In addition to radiation burns, I've had low blood pressure and needed to get i.v fluids because I haven't been my usual, perky self. Also missing are my appetite and ambition to do much other than watch WWII documentaries on the Military Channel and Military History (I can tell you a lot about the P51 Mustang and the B17 Flying Fortress).

I did finish the chemo/radiation therapy last week. That was a huge relief because the end of radiation means that the tissue damage won't get any worse. Now I'm healing for a few weeks until my tissues are again damaged by surgery. Then more healing.

Then more chemo.

Then more healing.

When I'm in remission and have recaptured my energy, I want to start a rec league soccer team of radiation therapy survivors called "Nuclear Boots." And yes, the goalkeeper will wear drip-dry gloves.


  1. That P51 was an awesome machine. Fast as all get out, with six .50 cal machine guns to make an opponent's day miserable.

    And don't forget... when you get your appetite back, we're on for lunch or dinner at the Germantown Red Robin! And I believe I owe you a cold beverage. (We'll sit at the bar, and the wives and kids can grab a big table and chat away...)

  2. I'll be wantin' a jersey when that team forms...

    Keep on keepin' on....

  3. 270: I think the strategy is to BORE the heck out of the evil crud trying to make a home in your body. Repetition will cause it to go to sleep, at which point you can summarily boot it outta your body and into some other place.

    Persevere, taunt the evil with bad puns, and emerge victorious. And thirsty.

    You'll succeed.

  4. Long battle; stay strong, and enjoy the healing rest while you can.

  5. Funny, not having the energy to do more than watch WWII docs sounds a lot like my hangover cure. Are you sure you haven't just been on a bender?

  6. Forget the documentaries. Watch Baa Baa Black Sheep reruns. Or Rat Patrol. Think of your uninvited guest as poor Captain Deitrich. He never had a chance!

  7. I was thinking Colonel Klink from Hogan's Heroes. Potentially malicious but comically inept.

  8. 7:00 a.m. tomorrow - the SR-71 Blackbird. Don't you wish we had all these channels growing up? Maybe we'd finally get C's, Mom's would cook fast gormet food, decorate, and find the perfect vacation all with in 90 minutes.