Wednesday, October 28, 2009

I've got to admit it's getting better

As mi amigo madrileño told me, "The problem with giving people updates is that they expect to get them all the time." So, as you've noticed, I've been inattentive to my updating. And with the excusable position that not much has happened.

My chemo/radiation ended on October 2. For about two weeks after that, I was at a very low energy level and needed to get i.v. fluids several times for dehydration. As I wrote in a previous blog entry, I just watched military discovery and military history channels.

Aside to local soccer fans: surprisingly, Vercingetorix was not featured on any episode of "Barbarians." However, I did see quite a few on the various invasions of Great Britain by the Saxons, Vikings, and... ummm... West Indians, thereby proving that the History Channel is just as anglophilic as Fox Soccer Channel.

There are a few good things to report. My appetite is returning. Which is good as I had dropped 10 lbs. on the adenocarcinoma diet plan. My energy is slowly returning and my blood pressure seems to be climbing back to normal after weeks of being in double digits (for both systolic and diastolic).

Finally, I had a follow-up appointment with the surgeon. He thinks the tumor shrank by about 50%. That's consistent with the absence of pain in the area since the fifth week of therapy. The radiation oncologist thinks it may have shrunk more than that, as it's hard to differentiate the tumor from dead tissue with that kind of exam. But the only way to tell is to inspect it upon surgery.


  1. As your posts on SI have returned to their punny splendor I had a feeling you were feeling a little better. I'm happy to hear that you're more comfortable. Keep on truckin!

  2. It's about time you got up off your irradiated ass to give us an update. You think it's easy to click this blog every day to see if there's something new when you've been doing what--- laying around, watching TV, and eating. Really!

    Great news that Amani is half the man he used to be. (I have declared myself winner of the contest by default.)

  3. I'm sorry I didn't post sooner.

    - Kevin Payne

  4. glad to see the blog and even happier that you are picking up. how soon before you can raise a glass while watching CL?

  5. Maybe in the CL final. I have to avoid dehydration. OK, maybe I'll have a big glass of water with each pint.