Monday, November 9, 2009

Copa Mundial-Coup du Mond-World Cup

Sometimes I forget that this is a soccer blog too. Because readers of this blog come from all over the world, here's my take on how our countries did in qualifying for the World Cup 2010 in South Africa.
  • El Salvador - Lo siento amiga.
  • England - Qualified easily, but will still lose to Germany in the tournament.
  • Israel - Had resounding win over Luxtensteinbourg or something, but failed to earn even a playoff spot, falling behind Greece and Latvia. Seriously, Latvia?
  • Ireland - Earned a playoff position. No Roy Keane means no distracting drama. In a playoff with France. How do you say "au revoir" in Gaelic?
  • Italy - The Azurri are headed to South Africa and will need to atone for their Confederations Cup disaster.By the way, I'm still looking for the blue on Italy's flag. If you find it, let me know.
  • Scotland - Too bad you didn't qualify. It always fun to see the Tartan Army at the World Cup finals. Come to think of it, they have a habit of cheering for another small country so that they can attend the World Cup, drink, and sing obscene songs about the English.
  • Spain - Also qualified easily, upholding their tradition of waiting until the knock-out rounds of the tournament to disappoint todo el pais.
  • Trinidad and Tobago - Have another Carib. Rough times after a tremendous effort in 2006, but thank you for keeping Mexico in second place..
  • United States - Yes, we qualified and finished in first place, but will can we really be happy with that? Honestly? Raise your hand if you dreading the draw.


  1. How Roy Keane would say "au revoir"

    PHRASE: Go hifreann leat!
    PRONOUNCED: Guh hee-fran lath
    MEANING: To hell with you!

  2. I plan on spending the winter, spring, and early summer of 2010 convincing myself that the teams in our group are beatable. I know I fooled myself into believing that the Czechs were perpetually overrated, that the Italians always start slow, and that Ghana lacked World Cup experience.

    The recent friendly tells me that I'll gladly take Slovakia as one of our European opponents. I know they beat us, but they were not at all impressive. I recognized most of their players, so I'm fairly confident that we were facing their best team. If we can hold that much possession with a team missing several starters, I'd like to think we could turn that 1-0 scoreline into 2-1 for us with everyone in the fold.

    See, it's already begun!

  3. Chest, why am I not surprised that you recognized most of the players from Slovakia? I can't find the bloody place on a map, though.

    Vamos Irlanda!

  4. The traditional colour of the national team (as well as all Italian teams and athletes) is azure blue[3] (azzurro, in Italian), due to the "Azzurro Savoia" (Savoy Blue), the colour traditionally linked to the royal dynasty which unified Italy in 1861, and maintained in the official standard of the President of the Italian Republic.

  5. Good to hear from a vexillologist.

    No, Joe Doc. That's not someone whose uses a dummy in his act.