Wednesday, March 10, 2010

FOLFOX Round 2: I Am Such An Idiot

The second chemo treatment didn't start too well.  My port seemed to be clogged and the nurse couldn't get any blood return.  After three syringefuls of the anti-coagulant heparin and having me sit completely still and quiet, she worked it loose.  I suggested drano, but she didn't think it was a good idea.  I've never had trouble with the port before and hope it's a one-time thing.

I am such an idiot.
Before this set of treatments, my oncologist warned me about the cold sensitivity side effect of oxaliplatin, with which I would get a strong tingling sensation if i touch or eat something cold.  The next week, during a chemo-education session, the physician's assistant repeated the warning.  At the first chemo session, the nurse reinforced the lesson when she connected the iv bags and another nurse repeated it when she disconnected them.  By the third and fourth time, although I politely listened, i was thinking Yeah, yeah.  I know this stuff.  Well, Mr. I-know-this-stuff completely forgot the lesson two weeks later.  On the night of the second treatment, I took our younger son out for ice cream.

When I realized what a dope I was, I decided to experiment.  After all, I already paid for it (literally and figuratively with a frozen throat), so why not do some science.  It turns out that with the first spoonful, I felt nothing.  With the second, I felt a little tingling and the sides of my tongue were starting to freeze.  With the third spoonful, my tongue felt very frozen and I couldn't eat any more.  After waiting about two minutes, the sensitivity was gone and the three-spoon cycle reset.  So there you go: Effects of Cold Stone Creamery's Berry, Berry, Berry Good Flavor on a Patient with Oxaliplatin-Induced Peripheral Neuropathy is submitted for publication.  By the way, since when did going out for ice cream become an "experience," where the creamwright behind the counter kneads your ice cream and additions on a cold marble stone?  Whatever happened to just scooping the ice cream out, giving it to the customer, and charging a reasonable price?

Anyway, the cold sensitivity lasted longer this time.  As late as Friday I had trouble drinking cool water.  Then, on Saturday, the fatigue crept in on little cat feet.

Soccer note: Our older son is now playing FIFA 10 and proving that DC United can win with last year's roster.  Jaime, Gomez, and Emilio are scoring in bundles.  When he plays as the US National Team, even Jay DeMerit gets in on the scoring.


  1. "Effects of Cold Stone Creamery's Berry, Berry, Berry Good Flavor on a Patient with Oxaliplatin-Induced Peripheral Neuropathy is submitted for publication."

    Working on the news release for you now...

  2. JoeDoc, that's cold.

  3. Did you get a brain freeze? Next time convince son #2 to go to Starbucks - it's for your better health.

  4. Starbucks and Cold Stone are both bad for my wallet.