Monday, May 24, 2010

Everybody talks about the weather...

... but no-one does anything about it. Charles Dudley Warner

Well, I'm going to change all that. This must really be the coldest Spring on record.  Just when I think it's starting to warm up, we get another cold front and I'm back to wearing gloves for soccer practice and games.  I'm tired of it.  So I'm trading in my Honda Accord for a Hummer and I'm going to remove the catalytic converter.  Screw the ozone layer and let the stupid polar bears swim.

Two Saturdays ago, the U8s played another game with only six players, but we won this one.  Well, we don't keep score in this rec league, but the kids do and mention it during the match.  I can't blame them.  There were six of them running all the time in the midday sun without respite.  Who would begrudge them some satisfaction?  Our first two were scored before the sixth player arrived.  We started with five (the quorum) so as not to forfeit.

The opposing coach was yellow carded for mouthing off at the ref.  Obviously he didn't read the e-mail, sent earlier that week, about coach and parent behavior.  He was also way, way, waaaay off base on his protests.  They were all 50-50 balls and the kids bumped into each other - expected for U8 games.  I'll bet this coach, when he plays, is a diver.

I really don't know what makes grown-ups so petulant at U8 games.  If they get that upset about the little calls in a U8 rec game, they shouldn't be coaching.  Maybe some of them are trying to impress the parents with their "knowledge of the game."   Really, what do you say to the ref during the game, other than "Man down."  My role at the game is to make sure the kids get enough playing time (which is really easy when there are no subs) and enjoy the game.  After that, I yell encouragement and minimal instructions like "Stay in your goal!" and "Move up, defense!"  Some of them (the keeper and defender) usually stay in their positions.  Others just roam the field.  Commanding them not to bunch up is futile.  We talk about it in practice and run drills where they're spaced apart and passing, but during the games, all except the keeper and the defender chase the ball.

Soccerheads: Read this article on US defender Clarence Goodson, a protege of Joe Doc (Skill Kills!).


  1. A woman and her daughter pulled up to the gas pump next to me recently in a Hummer. I wanted to wait around to see how much it would cost to fill up that monster, but another car was waiting, so I didn't. I put nearly $40 in my four-door sedan; I have to imagine she was close to $80. Yikes!

    Skill Kills!

  2. Yellow-carded at a U8 game, sheesh.

  3. here is also something that jumped out at me from the Joe Doc Method:

    "In his development with the Warhawks, beginning at the under-9 age group, Goodson became comfortable playing anywhere on the field."

    And that leads to this mentality:

    "He also came back to a new position: central defender. "I'd play anywhere just to get back on the field," he said."

    Sorry to digress.

  4. Our coach used to make us run laps if we said a bad word (even in practice)...hence the really fit players were the ones with the biggest potty mouths!

  5. @OWNTF: I don't know about a method! I just say that I teach soccer players, not positions. If you can do the fundamentals well and have a good tactical understanding of the game, a coach can put you anywhere with confidence.