Thursday, May 6, 2010

FOLFOX Round 6: At The Half

I'm midway through the FOLFOX treatments.  My oncologist says I'm "doing great."  Funny, I don't feel great at all.  But his perspective includes a whole lot of cancer patients and mine includes me.  The side effects are piling up more, so it's going to be an uphill climb from now through July.

I found a new side effect.  Sometimes, one of my fingers will just stick out and not relax at all.  Another time, I made a fist with my right hand and, when my brain told my fist to relax, it didn't.  Being scientifically minded, I repeated the experiment and used my left hand as a control.  The left hand relaxed, but the right didn't.  Anyway, this has only happened once so far, but I imagine it will again during round 7.  I hope the finger won't get me in trouble.

So, I spent an hour and a half at the Maryland Motor Vehicle Adminstration (the DMV in most other states).  The reason was that someone stole my rear license plate and I had to get a new set.  The thieves also stole my University of Florida license plate frame, so I have to go to webmart and buy a new set.  I wonder if I can get one with Heather Mitts' picture.


  1. "There's a Gator in the bushes, he's calling my name..."

    Be careful that you don't stick your hand out of your car window, doing that "wavy" thing in the wind. If your middle finger opts to go all wacky on you, you may be the victim of a drive-by shooting on Rockville Pike.

  2. I recommend you not get a job entering stock trades for the NYSE until August.

  3. Sorry, I keep picturing this in my mind, with respect to your involuntary movements (and luckily youtube can picture it outside of my mind so I don't have to explain it):

    Shake and bake.

  4. Your uncontrollable finger is better that some people's mouths.

    Since you have an adversion to cold foods, can Mrs 270 call you a hot head?

  5. This is neat--I bumped into you quite randomly on Google by Googling FOLFOX--I also live in Rockville and my mom is having a round of FOLFOX as I write this. And in one of your posts you mentioned what it's like for a pregnant woman to have an ultrasound--being pregnant, I just had one of those last week too. :) I wonder if we go to all the same doctors.

    Cheers and I hope you are still completely NED.

  6. Are you sure you weren't looking for a traffic report when you found this page?

    Best wishes to your mother. I hope her therapy goes well and her side effects are minimal. My oncodoc is Paul Thambi at Associates in Oncology and Hematology. I am still NED.

    Congratulations! I hope your pregnancy and childbirth also go well.

  7. We are also going to Associates in Oncology and Hematology, but our onc is Dr. Wallmark. Going to Capital Women's Care for the OBGYN.

    So happy you are still NED. :)