Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Prologue (Updated)

So, why write a blog? Well, I have a lot of stuff on my mind. Now I can share it with you (but give it back when you're finished, I really can't afford to lose any more of my mind).

I've thought about having a forum for my opinions on soccer, Eurosnobs, and why I enjoy the game so much. But, there are many soccer blogs available that are written by persons with more knowledge of the game. So mine would just be a place for rants, and there are many rant blogs out there as well. So, in looking for a niche, I really couldn't find one. Until (as you'll read later) I was diagnosed with cancer. Soccer and cancer? There's my niche.

OK, to be honest, Marcia Williams had this niche first. I wish her and the Williams family the best and encourage everyone to consider registering as a bone marrow donor.

Some may think that I'm taking this lightly or sharing too much. To them, I say, get your own damn blog and write seriously and guardedly. I do have limits though, I won't post photos of the colonoscopy or the tattoos on my butt for targeting the radiation therapy - unless, of course, I can make money from it.

Maybe this is therapeutic, maybe I can use cancer as a reason to blather on about why those of you in the United States should all burn your foreign-team jerseys and buy American. Whatever the reason, I'm going to keep writing.

UPDATE: I backdated this entry to put things in perspective. I started this blog in mid-July, after the diagnosis was made.

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  1. Well they both have two c's and end in er.