Monday, September 14, 2009

Name That Tumor

Tumor, tumor bo burley
Banana fana fo firley
Fe fi fo firley

So, obviously, we need a naming contest. Submit your entries in the comments section. So far, we have:
  • Mr. Tumor - Joe Doc, a conservative idea, from the right wing.
  • Amani (Tumor) - BaRRD, impressive that she knew him as Toomor is one of the few NFL players not in trouble with the law.
Please do not use the tumor's location in your entry, because some will think that you're referring to me. The winner will be selected in true soccer fashion by a process that's too complicated to explain.


  1. In keeping with the roadway theme, how about SpeedBump. Something that forces you to slow down, (and has potential to ruin your undercarriage), but at some point you see it in your rear view mirror (ooh! a bonus pun!)


  2. Oswaldo Sanchez. Both are unpopular in these parts and can be found close to the back (line, in his case).

  3. Lil' Tommy Soehn (kind of like the way Kramer named his rooster after Jerry). and then with some luck the tumor will be hitting the road right around the time that Tommy is.

  4. Gotta admit, despite my entry in the competition OWNTF has my vote so far.

  5. If Mr. Tumor is too conservative...

    How about Seymour Butt?

  6. Jamie Tumour, with intentional British spelling.

    Or Jack Warner.

  7. Hmm, what to name the ass tumor. Glenn Beck and Danny Snyder are already taken. Kanye West is too au courant. We could name it 'Duke' and capitalize on the already existing T-shirts celebrating their name. We could call it 'Smoochy' and revel in the 'Death to Smoochy' idiom.

    But, I think I would most like to call it 'Former'. As in, your 'Former' Tumor.

  8. Figures I arrive late to the party yet again...and I didn't even bring a name for The Uninvited Guest. Hmmm...The Uninvited there's an idea.

    I-270, may your side effects be minimal and your recovery be swift.

  9. dccal here:

    Franco Niell. Diminutive attacking threat; soon gone.

  10. I really had to dig for this one: Jobriath!?!
    We're not the most religious folk, but the most positive suns and rainbows are being beamed your way by our modern day hippy household brother 270!!!
    Thoughts are molecules as my mom always said! Everything I've got left is with you. Livestrong. Live Aloha. Positive Vibrations.
    The Real Matt Ryan..

  11. Name it "Obama Health Plan". They both started with bold ambitions, can be burdensome if left unchecked, cause nausea, and are shrinking by the day. The only difference is your tumor didn’t prompt raucous town hall meetings.