Monday, September 7, 2009

A Tale of Two Cities (And Their Clubs)

Week two is over. It was pretty much like week one. The low point came Wednesday night watching DC United play miserably in losing the US Open Cup. I didn't make it to the final like I did last year, so DC's record in finals that I attend is still 2-0.

A group of us went to the 1997 MLS Cup final, including my friend from Madrid (no, he didn't fly over for the game, he lived here at the time). Nevertheless, he doesn't completely follow the DC United references in this blog. So I've made a list of similarities between DC United and Real Madrid to make this blog more relevant to him.:

Each team:
  • Plays in it's nation's capital (let's start with an easy one)
  • Has players with Spanish names (another easy one).
  • Has fans with Spanish names (Oh hush. You knew it was coming).
  • Paid too much for its star Brazilian.
  • Has an iconic, aging player who plays well just when you think he should retire.
  • Has fans who demand that the coach be fired with each loss or draw.
  • Has fans who demand that the owner and general manager be replaced after each trophy-less season.
  • Has fans who hate David Beckham.
  • Played a home game at FedEx Field on August 9, 2009.
  • Boasts of winning the domestic league and the region's Champions League/Cup, although neither has accomplished those feats recently.
Feel free to add more in the comments or just repeatedly type "dos a cero."


  1. Congratulations on completing week two. That's two weeks of chemo/radiation that you won't have to look forward to. (to which you won't have to look forward?)
    I'm hoping the US result was able to lift your spirits (even though there are disturbing similarities to how the US plays in the final third and how DC plays in the final third).
    Namaste, dude.


  2. Read Madrid has a player named Kaka. DCU plays like Kaka.

  3. "wins trophies" . . . or not

  4. Both clubs have had people in their administration obsessed with acquiring players (or wanting to acquire players) from certain countries.

    DCU: Bolivia, Argentina, China [Chang]
    RM: Holland, Brazil

  5. Mi amigo madrileƱo e-mailed his response. His comments illustrate why RM is still ahead of DCU (ir)regardless of the score of the match.

    1. RM sometimes fires its coach when the team is winning. Antic was let go in mid-season, when RM was atop La Liga. Needless to say, they did not finish in first.
    2. RM also paid too much for their Portuguese.
    3. RM fans hate Robinho more than Beckham, but not as much as they hate Anelka.
    4. True, they did have many Dutch players, but those are mostly gone, some unfortunately so.

    You can see, from his unrestrained cynicism, why we are friends.