Sunday, August 9, 2009

Freedom Overspill

Washington Freedom 3 - Sky Blue 1

Washington beat the orange-clad Sky Blue (?!) at the Maryland Soccerplex and earned a playoff spot in the WPS. The whole I-270 family attended. My favorite part of the game was the three goals. The boys' favorite parts were eating hot dogs and rolling down the hill behind the north goal. Mrs. 270's favorite part was sitting on the grass watching them roll.

Met another Soccer Insider regular, Joe Doc. He was surprisingly unarmed, which is rare in his neck of the Virginia woods (just pulling your leg dude). We had a beer and started yelling "Free Bird!" at the guy playing the bagpipes.

Why do the Sky Blue wear an orange uniform? Are they Dutch? Gator fans? From the Protestant part of New Jersey? These are the deep mysteries of soccer.

Match report

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  1. Sorry I missed that one 270 . . . so, did the piper play the tune you called?