Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Placing Sports in Context.

Athletes and sports fans like to throw around the word "war" gratuitously and irresponsibly. The US-Mexico match may turn into a street fight, but it is not a war.

We have a close family friend (I'll call him Joe because that's his name) who is deployed in the Middle East, where we are at war. Joe has been my bro-in-law's friend and a friend to our family for over 20 years. What Joe is doing is serious and any attempts to draw a parallel between sports contests and actual war is wrong. We wish Joe and his 34th "Red Bull" Infantry Division a successful mission and a safe return. They are the only Red Bulls I'll ever root for.

Post-match update:

Well, that sucked. Giving up a goal in the last 10 minutes was awful. Say what you want about the altitude and the smog, but Donovan and Dempsey were both absent for much of the match. Save for Davies' goal, we gave the ball away each time we entered the final third.


  1. I don't know Joe, but he has a great name. I like him already.

    When Donovan is involved, the US does well. When he hides, the US doesn't. Only one solution: beat him until his morale improves.

  2. The motto of the 34th Infantry Division is "Attack! Attack! Attack!"

    Wait . . . I thought that was joe doc's motto?

  3. We know it's not Bob Bradley's motto. Maybe, to paraphrase a rum commercial, Bob needs a little Omar in him.

  4. To paraphrase an Enzyte commercial, Omar need a little Bob in him.

    PS This profile thing still isn't working out for me. Luddite