Sunday, August 16, 2009

Tattoo You

To make sure that they're nuking my ass in the same spot each time, the radiation therapist has to tattoo reference points on me. Yesssss, I'm getting a tramp stamp!

As a soccer fan, I'm not sure whom I should emulate:

David Beckham

or Natasha Kai

Too bad Heather
Mitts doesn't have any tattoos that are visible when she's in uniform (hey, I'm trying to keep it clean here) . Otherwise I'd post gratuitous photos of her too.

Oh what the hell, it's my damn blog.


  1. Decisions, decisions . . . .

  2. Beckham's tats make him look like a bridge abutment beneath a New Jersey overpass.

    As for Kai, she looks like something out of "Cops!"

    Now Heather... did someone Photoshop that ball in the picture? Doesn't look right. And did Mrs. I270 select this photo? Not Mitt's most glamorous shot.

    In the end, I270, just get a tat of a target, like the deer in that Larson "Far Side" stip: "Bummer of a birthmark, Hal." That should do the trick.

  3. Mrs. 270 thought I should post the photo of Kai in a bikini to show the entire canvas.

    I know you're disappointed that I didn't use the FHM photos of Heather, but I'm sure you have them bookmarked.

  4. Just saw that this existed (thanks joedoc, or Joe Doc, or whatever variation is preferred). The good news (you have a blog) is marginally outweighed by the bad news (you have cancer). I'm pulling for you in the requested non-religious way (not that I had a choice, since I am a filthy heathen).

    I feel like that picture of Beckham unfortunately reveals him to be a tramp, so your choice is made for you. On the plus side, emulating Beckham means you can speak with a silly accent and never pick up the check for your friends and coworkers.

  5. Extremely sorry to learn on your prognosis, and also sorry to learn that you won't be blogging using the more descriptive URL mentioned a few days ago (see earlier post).

    I'll try to send positive vibrations and other non-secular joss that hopefully will help you in your battle.


  6. Well, this finally provides a satisfactory answer to the question BigRob once asked at a Barra tailgate: "What kinda dude gets a *tramp stamp?!*"

    Careful of Chinese characters...although, for the record, I love reading about people who get tattoos in Chinese characters that don't mean anything like what they thought they meant: "It means, 'strong mountain bending in wind'."
    "Uh, no, it means 'fat man breaks wind.'"

  7. "Uh, no, it means 'fat man breaks wind.'"

    In which case you might want the package deal that comes with the Chinese characters for "Keep Back 500 Feet"

  8. Why didn't anyone tell me this blog existed?

    Stay strong I-270

  9. Is this the new 'Judge Parker' blog?

    Great stuff, I-270, I look forward to hearing about your succesful progress...

  10. Being a ParrotHead, I must weigh in the words of the Sage of Key West

    She was no Marine back from the Philippines
    She was their pride and joy, their incarnation
    Her parents viewed the chief with shock and disbelief
    Looking for some other explanation

    The Indian on her back was poised for an attack
    She said a tatoo is a badge of validation
    But the truth of the matter is far more revealing
    It's a permanent reminder of a temporary feeling

    Permanent reminder
    Of a temporary feeling
    Amnesiac episodes that never go away
    It's no complex memento; it's no subtle revealing
    Just a permanent reminder of a temporary feeling

    BaRRD who still can't figure out this friggin' profile thing.

  11. i think you'll have plenty to contribute to the soccer discussion with this blog, and plenty of time in which to do it. considering the other blowhards out there, you should be a voice of reason (and puns). look forward to reading your thoughts.

    i already had a blood/platelet donation appointment scheduled, but now i feel doubly good about doing so and encourage everyone else to schedule one as well. it's worth it.

  12. Testing was sooooo five posts ago.

  13. Welome to the 21st Century, BaRRD!

    You can put your eight-track player away now...


  14. Never had an eight track. But I have lots of music casettes and VHS movies I'd be happy to sell you. Actually I have boxes and boxes of LP's in my basement which might actually be worth something!

  15. Auugggh! The Insiders have found this blog! Now I'll never escape from them! NEVER!