Monday, August 24, 2009

Same Thing Day After Day

I know that the Soccernuts among you are wondering why I don't post something new each day, like Steve Goff does. Well, he's paid to write a soccer blog. No-one pays me to have cancer, it's strictly voluntary.

Anyway, I start chemo and radiation therapy today. It will be the same regimen Monday through Friday for several weeks, so I won't write about it each day. Imagine how repetitive that would be:
Monday: Had chemo and radiation. Threw up.
Tuesday: Had chemo and radiation. Threw up.
Had chemo and radiation. Didn't throw up. Had diarrhea instead.
Yeah. It's not the kind of stuff you want to read, nor that I want to write. For those interested in the technical details, I'll soon post the regimen that I'm undergoing. It's pretty standard for colorectal cancer.

Just remember (and this is aimed at you, soccer fans), the bad side effects are to be expected. Don't demand that I fire my oncologist just because I have a few bad days.


  1. will be thinking of you this week.

  2. Can you throw up at the oncologist? Would that be wrong?

    Best wishes....

  3. Your target audience is largely DCU fans. They've already blamed your oncologist for the economy, the rain Saturday night, and the fact that they just aren't as in shape as they used to be.

    Here's hoping it goes as well as possible.

  4. reminds me of that old Cheech and Chong skit off of Big Bambu (their break-through record in the early-70's....ancient history, I know) where one of the stoners in Sister Mary Elephant's class has to get up and tell the class what he did over summer vacation, something along the lines of "first day, went down to the corner and hung out in front of the drugstore, next day, went down to the corner and hung out in front of the drugstore," etc. etc.. Funny shit- guess you had to be there....

    Hang in there, buddy; as a show of support, I'll drink and smoke too much and barf in your honor this weekend (after all, why should this weekend be different from any other?). Can't help you with the hershey squirts thing, though, that's just nasty... ;-)

    I-70 exit 49

  5. I like that DC United has shown sympathy with your illness by sending both Boyzzz and Soehn to the hospital this week. Now that's solidarity!

    Hopefully a good result on Wednesday will ease the discomfort. (Or a bad result will distract you from any discomfort and give you an excuse to throw up.)